10 benefits of LED lights

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LED lights have taken the light industry by storm. Every one of us is switching towards LED lights and saying goodbye happily to all traditional lights. The main reason lies in  its long list of advantages. Let’s have a look at all the benefits LED lights have to offer and why should we switch to it.

Longevity of LED

LED lights are famous for their long lasting characteristic. This is one of the primary reasons why fluorescent bulbs, sodium vapor bulbs and other old ones got kicked out. LED bulbs are known to have a life span 40 times more than any incandescent bulb. They work up to 50k – 100k hours which compared to other bulbs double their longevity.
This long life span leads to less frequent changes and reduces the overall costs. And also reduces labor costs for maintenance. 

Energy consumption

LED lights are proven to consume less energy and power. This is beneficial when you want LED lights for outdoor, that can remain ON for the whole night and also to use in large spaces. The amount of light that is emitted per unit of power is known as luminous efficacy. It is the way to determine how much power is being consumed. By comparing LEDs with low pressure sodium lights, incandescent bulbs, fluorescent lights, high pressure sodium lights and more of these, it was concluded that LEDs were the far most efficient lighting option. 

No to UV rays

LED rays do not fall into the ultraviolet light spectrum while emitting rays. So they do not produce any harmful rays and are completely safe to use.

Temperature flexibility

LED lights work smoothly and seamlessly in all types of temperature. Whether it’s hot or cold, it will not wear out. Without worrying about their degradation, you can operate them in cold and hot temperatures. 

Environment friendly

LED lights are efficient and produce only 5% heat, unlike fluorescent bulbs or other traditional bulbs. They take up less energy from electricity plants and reduce overall usage. LED lights are sustainable, cheaper and even biodegradable. 

Colors in LED 

LED lights come in a wide range of colors. And within the range of one color, comes more colors. This means you can get a white, a warm white, yellowish white. Similarly, you can get all shades of blue, red and green. 

Works on Less voltage

This is where LED bulbs take a big leap. Yes, its true LED bulbs take less voltage. This means they can operate in areas where voltage issues are common such as in mountain areas, near oceans and new colonies.This trait is great for outdoor lightning. 

Smaller size

The size of LED lights are usually smaller than other lighting options. This makes them easy to install, fit and transport anywhere. Their size flexibility makes them operatebale in various lighting environments. Their size can even be modified according to the way customers like. There are multiple options and variety in its size.

CRI(color rendering index) and LEDs

CRI means the capability of a light to reveal the actual color and shape of an object placed near it or the objects in its surroundings. The ordinary lights are unable to reveal the true color of objects they shine upon. Take an example of a fluorescent bulb. It doesn’t cast a good color wherever it illuminates. On the other hand, LED lights shine and shine and make the area appear more vibrant and clearer. 

Directional light emission

Directional light emission means LEDs emit lights in one direction. Rather than old bulb systems which direct lights in all directions which is not necessary. This direct light emission helps reduce power and increase efficiency. LEDs only emits light in 180 degrees, which helps to illuminate the room rather than illuminate just the ceiling. 

Now that you have read about all the advantages of LED lights, get your house or shop converted to this light system for a long lasting, efficient, environment friendly and budget friendly option.

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