Outdoor LED flood lights and their uses


LED flood lights are becoming more and more famous as they bring a flood of light and multiple benefits with them. The reason outdoor activities and event look bright, happening and even more fun than daylight events are only because of these flood lights. Streets, playgrounds, outdoor of homes and buildings, stadiums, ports are fully lighted and no more dark just because of these Lights.

What are Flood lights?

Flood light is a term given to lights that have a broad beam of light throw, and is capable to light up vast areas. They are the best way to provide lighting to a huge area throughout whole night. As they are energy efficient, energy saving and can light up and stay bright for longer periods of time, they win among other traditional lighting systems. This flood light have coverage of about 120 degrees, which makes them ideal to mount on streets, pavements, grounds and so the list goes on. As they are mounted outdoors, Resistance against weather, temperatures, winds, rain comes along with it. Build of these lights are made tougher to fight with all challenges.

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Applications of Flood lights

Security purposes

As mentioned earlier, flood lights emit broader beam of light and much brighter and clearer, they are usually installed with security cameras to get a clear picture in times of need. You can see them on streets, outside of houses, buildings, offices etc. They serve and help the security purpose rightly.
Security flood lights comes with advanced features to facilitate the purpose. There is a motion sensor in it which can detect movement and start recording the video. Also, there is one which turns on light, when movement is sensed to a certain radius. So, these lights serve two purposes. Light at night time to give a better vision, and provide security with video footages.

Warehouses and manufacturing sites

LED flood lights have higher lumen output watt than ordinary lights. This trait makes them a great choice to be installed in construction sites, warehouses and huge working areas. They provide super illumination, making easier for workers to work in night as well without any interruption or issue. These lights are energy efficient, which does not put load.

Sea surrounding areas

Areas around sea can appear darker at night and scarier. This also puts down the beauty of sea that can be seen only at night. But these lights can illuminate surrounding areas like beaches, ports, restaurants, roads, clubs, guest houses to provide a beautiful view of the sea at night as well. Its perfect for sea ports. As those areas may require constant lighting during shipment, cargo placement, arrivals and departures.

Outside buildings

Outside of any huge building like offices, banks, malls, cinemas, need flood lights to light up the outdoor area. Which may help during parking, walking, security and overall needs associated with the building. It also helps in revealing the look of the building at night. It can focus on the name, structure or even logo.

Museums, Monuments and other architectures

Monuments and architectures depict history and story of a nation. Citizens are deeply attached to such places. As these places carry an emotional connection. Such places need special attention for tourists as well. Flood lights are the best option to light up these structures at night to bring a whole new look to these and let everyone enjoy them at night.

Sports grounds

In stadiums, you will see flood lights all around. These lights are camera friendly and lets camera click the best of scenes. You will enjoy equally at night with these lights installed. With their low-maintenance, energy efficient and good thermal management trait, these lights are an excellent choice for play grounds and stadiums. No matter how long the match ism lights will be there to make every moment enjoyable and memorable.

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