Types of lights and their uses

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Lighting is an essential part of our life. And lights come in all shapes and sizes to suit our needs and requirements. We take it for granted sometimes, because it has become a crucial part of our lives. If we enter a room, with not proper lighting, it affects our mood and performance. So, its very important to light up your spaces with quality and correct lights. Let’s have a look at different types of lights you can use in daily life for home and commercial purposes.

Flood Light

Flood lights , as the name indicates, flood out lights wherever they are installed. They are meant to illuminate a vast range of area, specially outdoors at night. If you are looking to light up a huge space, flood lights will not disappoint. As they are made for this purpose. They consume less power and are energy efficient. They are used at ports, stadiums, buildings, monuments, Factories, manufacturing sites, industrial units and more.

Canopy Light

These lights are suited for outdoor settings like petrol stations, bus depots, parking lots, garages, porches, decks and more places like these. Canopy lights withstand the toughest climate moods, while providing you with brightest light. Its low-maintenance with efficient performance. These lights offer reliable lighting solutions for all commercial purposes. They are energy efficient, responsive and can be installed easily anywhere.

Shoe box Light

The name of ‘shoebox light’ is related to its shape and size, like a shoebox. It can be long about to16 inches. Despite their small size they are able to light up outdoor spaces in a surprising way. You can see them installed on poles high up, to pour light in streets, parking areas, grounds, roadways, pavements. Time to kick out all those power consuming halide and sodium vapor lights and get these show box lights mounted on side of buildings or simply poles. They are designed to withstand the outdoor toughness like temperature, winds, rains.

LED Panel

LED panel consists of an array of LED lights composed together in one section to be used for outdoor lighting. Their brightness and efficiency is the best. Despite light coming from various LEDs, it offers a smooth, blended and vibrant light flow. If you’re looking for a more futuristic light system in your home, LED panels are a perfect alternative. They can be mounted on ceilings, walls and give a bright look. Its best for use in offices, health centers, buildings. LED panel lights bring a stylish yet efficient way to bright up your areas.

UFO Light

UFO lights are shaped like UFOs discs, this is where their name comes from. Their shape is round and made in such a way, so that they are easy to mount. They are perfect for high ceilings and distribute light in a directional fashion. As they are installed at high ceilings, the light coming down should be bright, clear and be able to illuminate objects. This is exactly what a UFO light does. These lights offer energy efficiency and a vast spread light throw.

Dusk to Dawn Light

Dusk to dawn lights operate in an amazing way. They light up when sun sets, and switch down the moment sun rises. The best part lies in their automatic behavior. You don’t have to switch them on or off manually. These lights will light up your gardens, porches, driveways, patios and enhance their beauty. They can be time controlled, controlled using smart phones and some are motion sensors.

Wall Pack Light

Wall pack lights are designed to operate in outdoors. You can see them mounted on walls of houses and buildings. They provide lighting at night time for vehicle parking, walking and for safety. They are usually installed on top of the wall to provide illumination a base level and outside.

Pole Light

We all come across pole lights. But pole lights are more than just a light bulb mounted on the top of a pole. Pole lights are extra bright, extra luminous and energy efficient. They have to remain lighted till whole night.

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