What are canopy lights?

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Canopy lights are mounted on the ceilings, as they produce a uniform distribution of light beams while being energy efficient and having a longer life. They give a bright illumination in darker areas. Canopy lights are well suited for outdoor areas and areas which have complete darkness. These lights are installed in the manner just like a canopy. Canopy has a slightly different shape to cover a space from sunlight, or fixed as a shade, or a cloth that can be hanging above some object. They share the shape of a canopy. And, also they are installed above the area to provide a uniform high intensity light. They can be installed on the ceilings, like an overhang.

You can see these lights installed in garages, pavements, sidewalks, wardrobes, warehouses, industries, manufacturing sites, construction sites, car sheds, canopies, gas stations, parking lots and more.

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Different types of canopy lights

Traditional Canopy Lights

These lights also come in traditional lighting such as halide, fluorescent or sodium vapor. These old lighting options take too much energy consumption which is not environment friendly and also puts a burden on budget. They consume too much watts of electricity. These options can be dangerous in areas where there is presence of petroleum substances such as hydrocarbons. They can cause sparks and ignition if any droplet or electricity comes in contact. Traditional canopy lighting are not ideal for installing in garages, petrol or gas pumps, industrial areas. They also consume lots of power, consequently doubling your bills so they are not a good option. These are also hard to maintain and cost much more when repaired or altered.

LED Canopy Lights

Led canopy lights are efficient and better in every way than the traditional canopy lights. The LED canopy lighting save all the extra consumption of electricity and are easy to maintain. Canopy lighting can be installed super easily as they are flexible and come in multiple fixtures that they get easily fixed anywhere.

They make a huge difference in bills and energy consumption. They are easy to maintain , fix and cost lower in every way. You can expect peace in your life once you get LED version of canopy lights installed in your outdoors or any area you desire. Because you will get brighter illumination for longer periods of time, significantly less cost on maintenance, drop in amounts of electricity bills. Another benefit that they bring is their safety. These are safe to use in places like industries, petroleum stations, warehouses. They are tough and are made for outdoors harsh conditions.


LED canopy lights are the best option for your house outdoor needs. It gives that perfect brightness in evenings and nights. If you have invited some guests, you can arrange an outdoor party in presence of outdoor lights. It will be a good idea to bring some festivity feeling. As they are energy efficient and consume less power, you can easily let them on for whole night. They will light up your pavements, patios, yards, terraces and canopies in house. Make your evenings enjoyable and relaxing with canopy lights. Your kids can play and you can do a walk without any care. These lights can provide great security and safety at night.

Garages in homes or for any working site, can get canopy lights for that perfect radiance. No worries, if the sun has gone down, you can continue your work with same view and vision, because canopy lights will not let you disturb or lower your enthusiasm your work. You will get a great amount brightness enough for you to work without any interference.

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