What are Dusk to Dawn outdoor lights?

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Lighting systems in our homes, offices, buildings have become super important. Our activities solely depend on lights. Because of the usage, lights have evolved over the years. You see, environment friendly options are a major interest these days, energy saving, efficient, different lights for indoors and outdoors.

Every type of light has its own application, benefit and place where it can perform the best. Bulbs in lamps are for living rooms, to make it cozier and bulbs in kitchen are for illumination. The secret in getting best performance out of these lights is by choosing the light according to the area, usage and the purpose for which it will be used.

Outdoor lights are equally used and important as indoor lights. You need outdoor lights to reflect upon sidewalks, doors, outside areas, lawn, garages, pavements, monuments, grounds and the list goes on. Lights at night have become trend around the world. People go out usually at night for shopping and other activities. In this case, outdoor lights hold a significant importance.

There are multiple types of outdoor lights, including Flood lights, shoebox lights, canopy lights, UFO lights, dusk to dawn lights. This article points out Dusk till Dawn lights.

What are Dusk to Dawn lights?

Dusk to Dawn lights, as the name indicates light up from sun set till sun rise. This clearly shows their purpose. They are designed for lighting up outdoors. Best to be placed in gardens, lawns, garages, outside of buildings. They light up when they sense sun is setting and light is needed and shut off when sun rises again and no more light is needed. The amazing thing about these lights are, they perform their duties automatically. And this trait makes them favorable among customers.


How Dusk to Dawn lights work?

Dusk to dawn lights are automatic and can operate on their own so smoothly. It features on motion detection. The motion detection gets lights to activate and deactivate when not needed. The motion of light is detected by a photocell. The photocell detects the presence of light around. If its daytime, light can be detected by the photocell and it will not get triggered. Similarly, if its night time, no light is detected, this activates the lights to illuminate. All this process saves energy and electricity bills. This makes your lights last longer and becomes environment friendly by not consuming extra voltage when it is not needed.

There are time-controlled dusk till dawn lights as well. You can customize the settings the way you want. You can set them for off state when you leave and then switch it again when you come back. This saves energy and gives you complete control over your lighting systems. No more peak electricity bills with this technology.

You can also control your lights via smart phone. You have to download an application and connect with lights via Bluetooth or WIFI. You can turn on your lights even if you are not at home. So if you forgot to switch off a light before leaving, no worries because you can switch it off when you reach your office as well.

Reasons to get Dusk to Dawn lights for your home

Secures your home

Motion activated feature lights up backyard of your home, also the front and lawn and garage. It will be lighted whole night and also you can attach a security camera along with it to get a clearer picture at night. If you are not at home, you can simply turn it on with a remote system and no darkness.


Dusk to dawn lights have proven to be super convenient. Reason why people are showing more interest towards these lights is its easy to use mechanism. You don’t have to get up and go outside just to turn on lights. And similarly, no need to leave your bed in early morning just to switch off lights. These lights will take care of energy consumption and you too.

Energy conservation

It has a great output and higher efficiency. It can work on lower intensity to not disturb you or your neighbors during night. This helps it conserve energy. It also lets you have complete control over the lights. Lesser consumption of energy means less burden on your budget and more beneficial to the environment.

Other than these advantages, it is low maintenance. It uses LED bulbs which are higher in performance and last longer than traditional bulbs. They are available online, at stores and usually affordable.

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