What are Shoebox lights?

Shoe Box

Shoebox lights are ideal for outdoor places. They are called shoebox as their size resembles the size of a shoe. They come in a rectangular shape. You can notice them illuminating areas like parking lots, pavements, stadiums, grounds, building entrances, outside of monuments, car showrooms, gas stations, any kind of centre, house walls and more.

LED shoes box lights are super energy efficient. The old traditional shoebox lights were not energy efficient and cost a lot along with high maintenance. They consumed double energy and would not last longer. But LED shoebox lights have taken the place of old shoebox lights and have transformed the way they operate. This saves big amounts of electricity bills and brightens your outdoors. Its a perfect choice if you are looking to save your money and do not want to compromise the quality of lighting.

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Places such as parking lots need such lights that have ability to light up the whole area. Also, owners need a lighting option that does not cost them higher or have high maintenance costs. This will be extra expensive if lights keep getting fused and take too much power. Shoebox light come in limelight and will save your money. With their high lumen power and great illuminating property , they are able to light up a whole parking lot.

Their ability to light up for 155,000 hours is compelling many people to move towards this option. Government sections are also installing shoebox lights on streets, sidewalks, outside building walls. As they require less maintenance, this brings a plus point to be chosen. Although LED lights are way smaller in sizes, they have power and illumination more than old bulb types. They can brighten up any area of a big size and will take up way less power and cause less electricity bills. Also, they last longer and suited to be installed in outdoors to bear any harsh situation such as rains, cold winds, hot winds, temperature. Even if some damage occurs, the repairing cost is low.

If you have an old system of lighting and thinking to convert it to shoebox lights then no need to worry. Its simple and easy to jump from a traditional system to LED system. You need to check how much illumination is needed in an area. How many lights are suitable to light up an area fully or if u want partially. Best way is to consult an electrician and change the line of voltages. They will give you an estimate and proper guidance.

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What are Shoebox lights?

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